New member in the LXinstruments product family: High voltage test enclosure with integrated safety tester

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High voltage test enclosure with integrated safety tester


A ready-to-use test station was developed according to EN50191, which offers the highest level of safety for the operator according to Performance Level E.

The large test chamber is sealed with a hood made of stable, highly insulating and transparent plastic. This gives a clear view of the DUT and the signal lamp during the test, which indicates either “green light” for safe opening or “red light” for electrical hazard inside the hood. The system is operated at the testing device. Alternatively, test sequences stored on an integrated computer may be started automatically by closing the hood. The test sequence can be followed entirely on the monitor.

A tested safety switch ensures that the hood cannot be opened during the high voltage test. The connections of the safety tester are reproduced in the rear area of the test chamber. Thus the full width is available to the DUT and it can be contacted with the original accessories of the tester. The optional safety box additionally ensures that no dangerous energy
can enter the test chamber when opened.

On the side of the test enclosure there is also a power connection as well as an LAN connection for remote control or to back up test data. Another interface located on the side allows peripherals to be connected via USB and HDMI.


Outer: 940 x 640 x 716 mm
Useable space: 750 x 460 x 500 mm

Connection customer side IEC power connector (C18; 230 V/AC, 50 Hz, 10 A)
Permissible operating voltage Max. 10 kV at <=2000 m above sea level in the entire useable space
Compliance with standards EN50191 / EN61010-1
Material PVC light grey / transparent
Gas spring, ball bearing Extremely low-maintenance components with a high number of cycles