New member in the LXinstruments product family: High voltage test enclosure with integrated safety tester

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Since 1976, Huntron has supplied measurement technology for engineers and technicians who are involved in the diagnosis and troubleshooting of printed circuit boards. The well-known Huntron trackers are developed especially for the currentless diagnostics and PCB repair.

LXinstruments' products complete the product portfolios of established international instrument manufacturers. Based on our experience in the system integration we developed system modules that are offered as standalone products. To the Products in the LXinstruments Shop...

Magna-Power is a leading manufacturer of innovative, rugged, high-performance power supplies and electronic loads, for a wide range of industrial and research applications in the range of 1kW to 1000kW+.

Marvin Test Solutions is an american aerospace test and measurement company with a solution-centric focus. The portfolio of PXI hardware, test software, and complete automated test systems offers the performance, flexibility, innovation, and value demanded by customers. From standalone test executive and development software to custom, turnkey systems, the product portfolio offers superior capabilities and delivers faster results, while ultimately reducing maintenance and sustainment costs.

LXinstruments is the exclusive sales channel for products of Marvin Test Solutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. To the Products in the LXinstruments Shop.

VTI is one of the biggest american manufacturers of modular instruments based on popular industrial standards like PXI, LXI and VXI. The portfolio focus on configuration of automated test systems, data acquisition and acoustic and vibration analysis.

VTI Instruments took over lots of VXI products of Racal Dana, Tektronix and HP resp. Keysight Technologies in the last years and supports practice and maintenance of existing Legacy Systems based on these products.

LXinstruments is the sales channel for the products of VTI Instruments in all german speaking countries. To the Products in the LXinstruments Shop.