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6GHz Multi Standard RF Signal Generator, 1Hz-1MHz AM/FM/PM

6GHz Multi Standard RF Signal Generator, 1Hz-1MHz AM/FM/PM
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S1132 Series Multi-Standard Signal Generator (9kHz - 6GHz) The Saluki S1132 Series RF signal... more
Product information "6GHz Multi Standard RF Signal Generator, 1Hz-1MHz AM/FM/PM"

S1132 Series Multi-Standard Signal Generator (9kHz - 6GHz)

The Saluki S1132 Series RF signal generator provides a wide range of product choices for different functional requirements and application scenarios. Each type of product has outstanding features in its function to characterize the focus of its testing field.

Key Features

  • Frequency range: 9kHz - 6GHz
  • Typical output power: -120dBm to +10dBm
  • AM, FM, PM, Pulse analog modulation functions
  • Multiple digital modulation formats, built-in IQ modulator
  • Support linear frequency modulation, can simulate radar signals
  • As frequency upper conversion, support external input IF signals
  • USB/LAN remote control interface, SCPI


  • Education
  • RF component R&D manufacture, maintenance

S1132 series signal generator features a variety of key analog modulation functions (AM/FM/ФM/pulse modulation), standard digital modulation functions (ASK/PSK/FSK) and customizable dedicated modulation methods (SSB/DSB/CW modulation, etc.).
In addition, S1132 integrates frequency/amplitude scanning, amplitude-frequency scanning, linear frequency modulation, low-frequency output and up-conversion functions, making the signal generator a flexible and versatile instrument suitable for teaching, research, product development, production and maintenance. Rich logic hardware interface and widescreen LCD display make it easy to control various operations. The complete standard SCPI command set and universal USB, LAN interfaces bring great convenience to your remote control and secondary development

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range 9kHz - 6GHz
Frequency Resolution 0.23Hz
Internal Reference
Reference Frequency 10MHz
Temperature Stability ±0.5ppm  (option: ±5ppb)
Internal Reference Output 10MHz, +2dBm (typ.)
Spectral Purity
Harmonic <= -40dBc (typ.)
Non-harmonic <= -65dBc (typ.)
Signal Sideband Phase Noise f=1GHz -100dBc/Hz@10kHz
Output Power Range 9kHz - 50kHz -120dBm to 0dBm
50kHz - 6GHz -120dBm to +10dBm
Power Accuracy ±1.0dB (typ.)
Output Power Resolution 0.1dB
Amplitude/ Frequency Scan
Scan Type Step scan, List scan
Trigger Mode Auto, External
Internal Modulation Source (LF)
Waveform Sine, square, triangle, sawtooth
Frequency Range

Sine: 0.1Hz - 500kHz,

Square: 0.1Hz - 20kHz,

Trangle/Sawtooth: 0.1Hz - 100kHz

Analog Modulation
AM/FM/PM: support internal/ external modulation source
Mudulation Depth 0 - 100% 0 - 100%
Modulation Rate 20Hz - 1MHz 1Hz - 1MHz
Frequency Offset 5MHz 5MHz
Modulation Rate 20Hz - 1MHz 1Hz - 1MHz
Modulation Phase 0° - 360° 0° - 360°
Modulation Rate 20Hz - 1MHz 1Hz - 1MHz
Digital Modulation
Support internal/ external modulation source
IQ Modulator Non-support Support
Internal Source ASK/2FSK/4FSK/8FSK/2PSK/4PSK/8PSK Standard digital modulation
External Source Modulation sequence Arb (I/Q data)
Modulation Rate 1Hz - 1MHz 10kHz - 20MHz
Pulse Modulation
Break-make Ratio >= 70dB
Pulse Period 200ns - 160s
Pulse Width 100ns - 85s
Linear Frequency Modulation (LFM)
Scan Range (max.) 20MHz Non-support
Scan Speed 20ns - 20ms Non-support
Frequency Upper Conversion
Input IF Frequency Range 200MHz ± 10MHz
Input IF Power Range -50dBm to 0dBm

 Standard Package

1 Main Machine 1 set
2 Power Cord 1 pcs
3 CD 1 pcs


Option No.
S1132-01 Internal Baseband Data Generation Option
S1132-02 RF Upper Conversion Device
S1132-03 Analog External Audio Modulation
S1132-04 Single sideband modulation / Double sideband modulation
S1132-05 High Stability Time Base Option
S1132-06 Power Meter Control Kit
S1132-07 Omnidirectional Antenna (300MHz - 6GHz)
S1132-08 Directional Antenna (600MHz - 8GHz)

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