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AC source | high power density

AC source | high power density
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  • PR-AFV-Serie
Preen PR-AFV-Series Programmable AC Power Supply / AC Source Programmable AC power supply, 3... more
Product information "AC source | high power density"

Preen PR-AFV-Series
Programmable AC Power Supply / AC Source
Programmable AC power supply, 3 phases, up to 2000 kVA, 300V, up to 500 Hz, RS232, optional GPIB / LAN

Features of the AFV programmable AC power supply series

  • CE & RoHS certificated.
  • Modularized inverter which is compact, smaller, high power density and easy to maintain.
  • 7-inch touch screen which can display the phase voltage, current, frequency, active/apparent power, power factor and test information.
  • Ability to simulate abnormal power status: STEP and GRADUAL change modes allow users to set sequences of start/end voltage, frequency and running time with ease.
  • Comprehensive protections which include output undervoltage / overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, input undervoltage / overvoltage, overheat and other more than wenty fault conditions.
  • Three-phase voltage independently adjustable function: each phase voltage can be adjusted independently; therefore AFV can power more than one single-phase loads.
  • Phase angle adjustment function: can adjust the phase angle between each phase (for three phase system)..

The AFV programmable AC power supply series

The AFV is a series of programmable AC power source that can be remote controlled and integrated with other systems for easier operation. Applications include home appliance, electronic, medical equipment, lighting, and etc. With better accuracy and faster response time, the AFV series offers greater advantage for R&D and compliance tests. Utilized PWM switching technology, AFV provides high quality pure sine waveform with output level up to 2,000kVA. The AC source is coupled with output voltage range of 0~300V and output frequency of standard 45~65Hz or optional 45~500Hz. Users can select communication interfaces of RS-485, RS-232, and optional GPIB. The AFV series also have programming sequence functions of STEP and GRADUAL modes, three phase independent control, and soft start for optional choices.

AFV series has the STEP and GRADUAL program mode for sequence settings with loop feature. The output voltage, frequency, and running time in each sequence can be set on the touch screen. These functions are widely used in the performance test of electric motor or home appliance load. With the 7-inch touch screen, the AFV series provides an intuitive and easy operation. Through the remote control interface (RS-485 / RS-232 / GPIB / Ethernet), users can set the desired output parameters and monitor the output value.

AC+DCPower Solutions

Found in 1989, Preen (AC Power Corp.) is a world leader in power supply systems and has been developing AC and DC power supplies based on the core technology of power conversion. We provide advanced, reliable and cost effective power products including AC power source, DC power supply, regenerative grid simulator, power supplies for aerospace and defense, and line conditioners.

Preen's customer base consists of major international corporations. Significant markets Preen served include electric vehicle,renewable energy, home appliance and consumer product manufacturing, military, aerospace,and general R&D and EMC compliance testing.