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  • AQ-ADQ-215-CPCI
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Model ALLDAQ, AQ-ADQ-215-cPCI CompactPCI 16x Multi-I/O-Card- Differential (±50V)... more
Product information "AQ-ADQ-215-cPCI"

CompactPCI 16x Multi-I/O-Card- Differential (±50V)

  • 16 differential Analog-Inputs (±50V)
  • 16 bit A/D up to 500 kHz
  • 32 bidirectional TTL-Digital-I/Os (switchable: 3,3V/5V)
  • 1 Counter (Type: 8254) mit TTL-I/O

The PC plug-in boards of the ALLDAQ AQ-ADQ-210 series are universal multi I/O boards for standard measuring and control tasks in laboratory, test bay and quality assurance. Currently the CompactPCI versions are available. Depending on model the boards offer either 16 single-ended (ADQ-211) or 16 differential (ADQ-212, ADQ-215) analog inputs with a sample rate of up to 500 kHz at 16 bit resolution. You can choose between the input voltage ranges ±10 V (ADQ-211), ±20 V (ADQ-212) and ±50 V (ADQ-215). Overall the ADQ-210 series comes with 32 bi-directional digital I/Os whose direction can be programmed by port (8 bit). Therefrom 16 digital I/Os are provided by the 78-pin D-Sub female connector at the mounting bracket of the board and further 16 digital I/Os can be used by an additional mounting bracket (included). The voltage level of all digital I/Os can be switched between +3.3 V and +5 V in common by software. Each output can drive up to 20 mA. As a counter the established standard counter chip of type 8254 with three 16 bit counter is used. Each counter can be programmed separately. Cascading can be realized by an appropriate external wiring, e. g. for output of a signal with a variable duty cycle. As a clock source an external rectangular signal with max. 10 MHz must be provided.

Scope of Delivery:

  • AQ-ADQ-215-cPCI: CompactPCI 16x Multi-I/O-Card
  • D-Sub male connector
  • Adapter cable with mounting bracket from IDC connector to D-Sub female connector
  • Documentation and driver software
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