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Model ALLDAQ, AQ-ADQ-23-cPCIs, CompactPCI-Serial 24/16x Digital-I/O Card... more
Product information "AQ-ADQ-23-cPCIs"

Model ALLDAQ, AQ-ADQ-23-cPCIs, CompactPCI-Serial 24/16x Digital-I/O Card

  • Serial-CompactPCI
  • 24 isolated Digital-Inputs with Filter
  • 16 isolated Digital-Outputs with Power Drivers
  • 8 Relais
  • 8 TTL-Digital-I/Os

The ALLDAQ AQ-ADQ-22/23 series are digital I/O boards for use in industrial automation and control envi - ronments . Alternatively models for CompactPCI Serial and standard PCI Express bus are provided. Beside the obligatory isolation these boards also offer the possibility to program a digital filter per input port, e. g. for protection against bouncing. Additionally parasitic effects between field wiring and PC can be suppressed efficiently by an electrical isolation of 500 VAC RMS . 32 (ADQ-22) resp. 24 (ADQ-23) isolated digital inputs and 32 (ADQ-22) resp. 16 (ADQ-23) digital outputs are available. The streaming operation enables the continuous sampling of all digital inputs resp. streaming a bit-pattern to all digital outputs up to 1 kHz. The ADQ-23 provides 8 SPDT relays (35 V/1 A). The isolated inputs have a Schmitt trigger characteristic according to IEC 61131-2 (type 1) and are designed for a maximum input voltage of 35 V. All isolated inputs are assembled with status LEDs and can generate an interrupt on bit-pattern change, bit-pattern match or missing external supply. The isolated outputs can drive up to 0.6 A. To increase the output current connecting the outputs in parallel is possible. This implies that no external drivers are necessary for many applications. For powering the outputs an external power supply in the range of 11..35 V with sufficient power must be provided. The output buffers come with a thermal overload protection, current limitation, short-circuit protection and an under-voltage monitoring.

Scope of Delivery:

  • AQ-ADQ-23-cPCIs: CompactPCI-Serial 24/16x Digital-I/O Card
  • D-Sub male connector
  • Adapter cable with mounting bracket from IDC connector to D-Sub female connector
  • Documentation and driver software
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