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  • AQ-ADQ-412-CPCI
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Model ALLDAQ, AQ-ADQ-412-cPCI: 2-Channel Amperage Measurement Card for CompactPCI-Bus,... more
Product information "AQ-ADQ-412-cPCI"

Model ALLDAQ, AQ-ADQ-412-cPCI:
2-Channel Amperage Measurement Card for CompactPCI-Bus, µA up to 50A, High precision & Dynamic

  • Precision wide range measurement from µA up to 50A
  • 2 differential isolated amperage measurement inputs
  • Isolation voltage: 700VDC/VACeff. (ch. to channel / ch. to PC-Ground)
  • High bandwidth for amperage measurement : 20kHz (recktangle)
  • Two 8bit A/D-converters up to 1,6MS/s synchronous sample rate
  • Amperage ranges: ±25mA (10 Ohms Shunt), ±50A (5 mOhms Shunt)
  • Range switching without interruption
  • Interrupt generation on ±25mA threshold change
  • Shorttime overload protection
  • Timer controlled sampling
  • Start-/Stop-Trigger: Software, ext. Digital-Trigger
  • Two 5V TTL-Trigger inputs (RP-SMA female connectors)

The ALLDAQ AQ-ADQ-412 is a CompactPCI board for dynamical current measurement from a few micro-ampere up to 50 A via shunt. Typical applications are the analysis of current spikes on the one hand and measuring of leakage current on the other hand, e. g. in quality assurance or for measuring the current curve of pulse width modulated controls. Two analog input channels are provided with electrical isolation of up to 700 V between each other and towards PC ground. The relay controlled change-over between the both current measurement ranges ±25 mA and ±50 A is handled independently for each channel by the application without interrupting the circuit. Both channels are assembled with a 18 bit ADC which can sample synchronously with up to 1.6 MS/s. This empowers the ADQ-412 with an unusual high bandwidth of up to 20 kHz (rectangular) with an excellent accuracy. The values can be acquired discretely or timer-controlled. On demand the measurement can be started or stopped by two external TTL trigger inputs (RP-SMA female connectors). Each channel of the ADQ-412 generates an appropriate interrupt event on exceeding resp. under-cutting the 25 mA threshold, which can be used for an automatic range selection on application level. Independent from this a hardware comparator automatically switches into the 50 A range as soon as the 25 mA range is exceeded by more than 12.5%. This protection mechanism works independently of operating system and application software. An appropriate interrupt event will be generated and can be evaluated by the application. The current path is guided via Phoenix type clamps, which are specified for wire gauges from AWG 20 to AWG 6. A slot with 8 HP width are required in the CompactPCI rack fort he ADQ-412.

Scope of Delivery:

  • AQ-ADQ-412-cPCI: 2-Channel  Amperage Measurement Card for CompactPCI-Bus, µA up to 50A, High precision & Dynamic
  • 2 x mating connector, Phoenix type
  • 2 x ADQ-AP-RP-SMAM-BNCF, adapter from RP-SMA male connector to BNC female
  • Documentation and driver software
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