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  • AS-PS48401
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Model Applicos AS-PS48401: PXI Programmable Power Supply 0-48VDC / 2A / 40W max.... more
Product information "AS-PS48401"

Model Applicos AS-PS48401:
PXI Programmable Power Supply

  • 0-48VDC / 2A / 40W max.
  • Isolated output
  • No external power source required
  • High accuracy / low noise output voltage
  • Programmable Current Limit
  • 16 Bit Read Back of Output Voltage / Current
  • 2-slot width, PXI / cPCI Instrument
  • Programmable sequencer

The Applicos AS-PS48401 is a Programmable DC Power supply in a 2-slot PXI / cPCI form factor. Featuring a fully isolated output capable of providing 0-48VDC / 2A / 40W. It offers a programmable current limit and the ability to measure the output voltage and current under software or trigger control.

Special functions:

  • Measure output voltage or current, software controlled.
  • Measure output voltage or current, external trigger controlled.
  • Update output voltage and current limit, external trigger controlled.
  • Sequence above functions and store measured values into on-board memory

Scope of Delivery:

  • AS-PS48401 : PXI Programmable Power Supply
  • VXIplug&play compatible LabWindows/CVI driver
  • LabView driver
  • .NET driver
  • Soft Front Panel Tool
  • Calibration Certificate

APPLICOS Modular PXI Products

Effective mixed-signal test solutions demand know-how and experience. Low level analog signals need to be stimulated and analysed near fast switching digital logic. Cross talk, magnetic fields, clock jitter, ground noise and non-linearity of components, are just a few of the problems that must be addressed. Applicos knows what it takes to design and produce high quality mixed-signal test solutions. They have been servicing the mixed-signal test industry since 1993 and have established a distinguished reputation for providing customers with high performance, cost effective solutions.

A key component of Applicos' solutions is its high-precision, modular hardware, which, due to its design in terms of accuracy, noise and jitter, is among the best the industry has to offer. This provides a clear alternative to other hardware manufacturers because Applicos combines a deep expertise in analog and mixed-signal technology with a flexible organisation; This allows meeting the specific, ever-changing needs of engineers working in high-performance mixed-signal development. The combination of industry-leading hardware and easy-to-use ATView software gives users the peace of mind that their measurements will run correctly and consistently.

The PA72 PXI / PXI(e) platform consists of a Base Board and one or two Daughter Boards. In daughter boards there is choice from several different signal generators, digitizers, filters, and flexible digital I/O modules. The PA72 concept provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for medium and high end analog functions.

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AS-PA72G14180 AS-PA72G14180

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