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Cable and Antenna Analyser | 8 GHz

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  • SK-S3101
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Saluki Technology SK-S3101 Cable and Antenna Analyser up to 8 GHz, 7 display formats, SCPI, 7""... more
Product information "Cable and Antenna Analyser | 8 GHz"

Saluki Technology SK-S3101
Cable and Antenna Analyser
up to 8 GHz, 7 display formats, SCPI, 7"" touch screen, built-in GPS receiver, built-in E-Cal kit

Features of the S3101 cable and antenna analyser

  • Frequency range: 1 MHz to 8 GHz
  • Dust, dust and splash water protected
  • 7 measurement functions: Rückflussdämpfung, VSWR, Kabeldämpfung, DTF-Rückflussdämpfung, DTF-VSWR, Smith chart and Anschlussphase.
  • Intelligent and fast electronic calibrator.
  • More than 8 hours of continuous battery operation.
  • 7-inch LCD touch screen for bright indoor and outdoor display with the widest viewing angle in its class.
  • Display with two windows for two measurement formats.
  • List sweep for simultaneous tests in the upstream and downstream phases.
  • Measurement guide helps new users quickly familiarise themselves with the instrument.
  • Supports USB memory stick and PC connection for easy and efficient data management and automation.
  • Saves data and waveforms to FLASH memory, SD card or USB device
  • .
  • Built-in GPS receiver (via the external GPS antenna) stores current location information with the measurement data.

The Cable and Antenna Analyser S3101

The S3101 Series Cable and Antenna Analyser is designed with the latest technologies and enables accurate and fast measurement. The operator can measure VSWR, R&R flux density, impedance, phase, DTF, etc. with such a compact and lightweight box.
The S3101 is equipped with a long-life battery, a touch screen and an automatically adjustable backlight to make it easy to use in the field. The S3101 is ideal for testing cable and antenna systems at telecommunications base stations. Tetra, GSM, PCS/DCS, CDMA, GPRS, WCDMA, CDMA200, TD-SCDMA, LTE, etc.  S3101B reaches 8GHz and offers more possibilities for measurements at higher frequencies. The S3101 also offers a Smith chart and phase display and can easily be used as a single-port VNA.

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