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Voltage Sensor / Converter with Galvanic Isolation | 10 V

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  • VV-ISOBLOCK-V-1C-50V-10V-C
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Verivolt ISOBLOCK-V-1C-50V-10V-C Galvanically isolated differential voltage measurements 10 V,... more
Product information "Voltage Sensor / Converter with Galvanic Isolation | 10 V"

Verivolt ISOBLOCK-V-1C-50V-10V-C
Galvanically isolated differential voltage measurements
10 V, 0.2 % of value + 0.005 % of range + NIST Certificate, DC - 100 kHz

The voltage converter IsoBlock V-1c was developed to carry out high quality isolated differential voltage measurements with high isolation from ground. Due to the design, the voltage converter can also be operated as a high voltage probe or an electrically isolated voltage divider. There are 10 input voltage ranges from ±50V up to ±1.5kV (in AC or DC) available. There are also various options for the output voltage range, e.g. ± 10V or 5V. This makes the converter ideal for detecting high voltages with common measuring instruments.

Features of voltage sensor VV-ISOBLOCK-V-1C-50V-10V-C

  • Input voltage: 50 V
  • Output voltage: 10 V
  • Accuracy: 0.2 % of value + 0.005 % of range + NIST Certificate
  • Bandwidth: DC - 100 kHz
  • 3 Way galvanic isolation (Ch-Ch, input to output, signal to supply)
  • Dielectric strength 1.400 V sustained and 5.000 V for 1 min
  • Easy assembly and commissioning
  • Voltage measurement with isolation from any data acquisition units (DAQ)
  • DIN rail or Hat rail fastening

Possible applications of voltage sensor VV-ISOBLOCK-V-1C-50V-10V-C

Voltage monitoring on:

  • Batteries
  • Fuel Cells
  • Engines
  • Photovoltaics (PV)
  • etc.
Filter properties: "Voltage Sensor / Converter with Galvanic Isolation | 10 V"
Input voltage (V): 50 V
Output voltage (V): 10 V
Accuracy (%): Standard - 0,2 % + NIST Certificate
Bandwidth (Hz): DC - 100 kHz

Verivolt is an American manufacturer of current transformers, voltage transformers, power transformers and filters, with the specialty of very high galvanic isolation of 1kV and above.
Many of the products can be used directly for DIN or top hat rail mounting.
The range of values ​​varies from small currents in the mA range up to 2kA, and isolation of 5kV between input and output with bandwidths >1MHz.
At the output, the converters deliver voltage values ​​in the analog range of ± 10V which is ideal for further digital processing.
Single and multi-channel converters for AC, DC and AC + DC are available.
The multi-channel converters are particularly suitable for use in multi-channel data acquisition with high common-mode voltage, which is necessary when measuring on batteries or fuel cells. In this way, several devices can be linked together e.g. expansion to 250+ channels.
Typical applications for the converters are measurements and monitoring on, for example, high-voltage circuits, motors, inverters and photovoltaic modules. Special applications such as Isolation amplifiers for superconducting magnets are also suited.