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High Power DC Electronic Load| 4000 W, 400 A, 150 V

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  • IH-IT8904A-150-400
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ITECH IT8904A-150-400 Electronic DC load with high power density Power: 4000 W, Voltage: 150 V,... more
Product information "High Power DC Electronic Load| 4000 W, 400 A, 150 V"

ITECH IT8904A-150-400
Electronic DC load with high power density
Power: 4000 W, Voltage: 150 V, Current: 400 A, 4 U

IT8900A/E series high performance high power DC electronic load provides three voltage ranges 150 V/600 V/1200 V, stand-alone power from 2 kW to 54 kW. IT8900A/E series, with ultra-wide voltage and current range, controlled by an independent master unit. The power expands to 600kW by master-slave paralleling. Ultra-high power density, 6 kW is with only 4U height. IT8900A/E series has eight (A series) / four (E series) working modes, faster loop response and current rising and falling speed, as well as dynamic mode, OCP test, OPP test, automatic test and battery test functions. Built-in CAN, LAN, GPIB, USB, RS232 and analog interfaces, etc., IT8900A/E series has full protection function, which can be applied to power battery discharge, DC charging station, on-board charger (OBC), power electronics and other power electronics products.

  • Power: 0 - 600 kW
  • Voltage: 0 - 1200 V
  • Current: 0 - 2400 A
  • Size: 4 - 37 U

Functions of the DC Electronic Load of Itech IT8904A-150-400

  • Power: 4000 W
  • Voltage: 150 V
  • Current: 400 A
  • Size: 4 U
  • master/slave parallelling
  • A-Serie: 8 working modes, E- Serie 4 working modes
  • Soft start and soft stop prevent voltage fluctuations at on/off
  • High-precision voltage and current measurement
  • 500kHz high-speed voltage and current sampling rate
  • Protection functions: OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, current oscillation protection, limited current protection, limited power protection, reverse alarm protection etc
  • Built-in LAN, USB, RS232, GPIB, CAN, external analog control interface
  • Transient over-power loading capability
  • Adjustable CV loop speed, match different power supplies
  • Short circuit simulation, automatic test function

Application of the DC Electronic Load of Itech IH-IT8904A-150-400

  • Battery-Charge and Discharge
  • Solar and wind turbine test
  • Test of fuel cells
  • Test of power electronics
  • Safety test for large capacities
  • E-Mobility aging tests
Filter properties: "High Power DC Electronic Load| 4000 W, 400 A, 150 V"
Output Channels: 1
Voltage (V): 150 V
Power (W): 4000 W
Current (A): 400 A
Regulations Operating Modes: CV - constant voltage, CC - constant current, CP - constant power, CR - constant resistance
Interfaces: Analog, GPIB, LAN, RS232 / Serial, USB
Produktserie: IT8900A/E

ITECH is one of the world's largest manufacturers of AC and DC power supplies. The Group's diversified product portfolio includes battery testing systems and power supply test systems. The company’s emphasis is on providing a competitive price / performance ratio.