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Middle Power DC Load | 2.4 kW-2U 1200 V

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  • AM-EL1200VDC2400W
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APM Technologies EL1200VDC2400W Middle Power DC Electronic Load 2.4 kW, 1200 V, 90 A... more
Product information "Middle Power DC Load | 2.4 kW-2U 1200 V"

APM Technologies EL1200VDC2400W
Middle Power DC Electronic Load 2.4 kW, 1200 V, 90 A

This series Programmable DC electronic load provides three voltage ranges 200V/600V/1200V. Supports CV, CC, CR and CP these 4 basic operating modes, as well as CV+CC, CV+CR, CR+CC these 3 complex operating modes. Full protection includings OCP, OPP, OTP, over voltage and reverse alarm. Support external control and monitor mode, the 0 to 10V input or output signal represent 0 to full range voltage or current. Provide OCP test, OPP test and Short circuit simulation to effectively solve the application demands for power and automated testing. Built-in RS232, RS485 and USB communication interfaces, LAN&GPIB communication card is optional. Two or more loads can be connected in master-slave parallel mode to provide more power or current capacity. This series DC load can be applied to battery discharge, DC charging station and power electronics and other electronics products.

Features of Middle Power DC Load 1.2kW to 3.0kW

  • Color touch screen allow convenient access and operation
  • Provides four kinds of basic working mode such as CV/CC/CR/CP, and CV+CC/CV+CR/CR+CC complex operating modes
  • Adjustable current slew rate, adjustable CV loop speed
  • Ultra high precision voltage & current measurement
  • OCP/OPP testing function
  • 50kHz high-speed CC/CR dynamic mode
  • 500kHz high-speed voltage and current sampling rate
  • Timing & discharging measurement for batteries
  • Short circuit test mode
  • Auto mode function provides an easy way to do complicated test
  • Dynamic frequency sweep function for determining worst case voltage peaks*
  • Non linear load mode function makes the simulated loading current more realistic*
  • Supports external analog control function
  • V-monitor/I-monitor
  • LED load simulation function
  • Full protection: OCP, OPP, OTP, over voltage and reverse alarm
  • Up to 20 units master/slave parallel control
  • Front panel USB interface supports data import and export
  • SCPI language and standard rack size make it ideal for ATE System integration
  • Smart fan control with lower noise and better for environment
  • Multi versions to meet the cost performance and different applications

* Only professional Electronic Load units support these functions

Options & Accessoiries of Middle Power DC Load 1.2kW to 3.0kW

  • GPIB & LAN communication card & cables
  • Rack-mound slide kit

Model Overview of Middle Power DC Load 1.2kW to 3.0kW

19" rack mounted APM Model# Version  Voltage
1.2KW-2U EL200VDC1200W Advanced  200 130 1200
EL600VDC1200W Advanced  600 90 1200
EL1200VDC1200W Advanced  1200 45 1200
1.8KW-2U EL200VDC1800W Advanced  200 190 1800
EL600VDC1800W Advanced  600 130 1800
2.4KW-2U EL200VDC2400W Advanced  200 260 2400
EL600VDC2400W Advanced  600 180 2400
EL1200VDC2400W Advanced  1200 90 2400
3.0KW-2U EL200VDC3000W Advanced  200 320 3000
EL600VDC3000W Advanced  600 220 3000

APM Technologies is a high technology enterprise specialised in the research & development (R&D) and production of programmable power supplies, automated testing systems and automated manufacturing equipment. APM passed the ISO 9001 standard certifications.

APM Technologies - High Efficiency

  • Up to 1.6kW/1U output power
  • Up to 4kW/2U output power with up to 92% efficiency


APM Technologies - High Precision

  • Up to 0.05% voltage accuracy
  • Up to 0.1% current accuracy
  • Up to 80m/s no load voltage drop time, and 10m/s full load voltage drop time.


APM Technologies - High Stability

  • Continuous and stable operation at full load within temp.range 0 to 40 ℃
  • Passed CSA, UL, CE and FCC approval.


DC Power Supply Selection Chart 0-4kW

No. Output
1U Type 2U Type
600W 1000W 1200W 1500W 1600W 1000W 2000W 3000W 4000W
1 20VDC 60A 60A 60A - - - - - -
2 32VDC 50A 50A 50A - 50A 200A 200A 200A 200A
3 40VDC 40A 40A 40A - 40A 120A 120A 120A 120A
4 75VDC 25A - 25A 25A - 50A - - 60A
5 80VDC - - - - - - 60A 60A -
6 120VDC - - - - - 40A 40A 40A 40A
7 150VDC 10A 10A 10A 10A - 30A 30A 30A 30A
8 200VDC 8A 8A 8A 8A - 24A 24A 24A 24A
9 600VDC - - - - - 10A 10A 10A 10A
10 800VDC - - - - - 7.5A 7.5A 7.5A 7.5A