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  • MV-GX1649
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Model Marvin Test Solutions: MV-GX1649 Analog Output / Arbitrary Waveform Generator PXI Card... more
Product information "MV-GX1649"

Model Marvin Test Solutions: MV-GX1649
Analog Output / Arbitrary Waveform Generator PXI Card

  • 64 channels, each configured as analog output or arbitrary waveform Generator
  • 16-bit resolution
  • Output range: -15 V to +15 V
  • 625 KS/s sample rate (64 channel configuration)
  • 8 digital I/O lines

The Marvin Test MV-GX1649 is a 3U PXI digital to analog output board designed specifically for applications where multiple DC or AC analog outputs are required. The MV-GX1649 offers 64 output channels with 16-bits of precision signal sourcing performance and can be used as a DC source or arbitrary waveform generator.


The Marvin Test MV-GX1649 Analog Output / Arbitrary Waveform Generator is organized into four groups of sixteen channels, providing up to 64 channels of AWG or DC source capability. For DC operation, each group can be programmed and triggered independently. All groups can be updated simultaneously and each channel within a group can be programmed to a unique voltage. When used as a waveform generator, 256 K of sample memory is allocated to each group of sixteen channels with the user being able to allocate the memory for one or all channels. With all 64 channels congfigured for AWG mode, the maximum sample rate is 625 KS/s. Each group can be clocked independently via a programable clock source or all groups can be clocked by by common source. Within any goup, channels can be configured for a combination of AWG and DC operation.

For applications that require the continuous data transmission from the PC, the model MV-GX1649-1 supports data streaming, which allows continuous transmission of data from the PC to the MV-GX1649's 1 K FIFO memory. Actual data streaming data rate will be dependent on the processor's speed and other processes that may be running concurrently.

The Marvin Test MV-GX1649 also offers 8 digital TTL I/O channels for general purpose applications. These digital I/O channels also can be used as external clock inputs for each of the 4 channel groups.

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  • Marvin Test Solutions MV-GX1649: Analog Output / Arbitrary Waveform Generator PXI Card
  • Manual
  • Certificate of Calibration
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