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  • MV-GX7315
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Model Marvin Test Solutions: MV-GX7315 20 Slot 3U High Power PXI Slave Chassis high... more
Product information "MV-GX7315"

Model Marvin Test Solutions: MV-GX7315
20 Slot 3U High Power PXI Slave Chassis

  • high power PXI chassis supports 60 watts per slot
  • supporting a 3U (embedded or remote) PXI controller and 19 3U PXI or cCPI instruments
  • High capacity, forced-air cooling configuration provides excellent thermal management in a compact, 6U package
  • Integral Smart functions provide per slot temperature monitoring, system power supply monitoring, and PXI trigger mapping
  • 1600 W system power supply

The Marvin Test MV-GX7315 mainframe is a PXI slave chassis that can accommodate up to 19 instruments as well as a PXI controller (a PXI bus expander interface such as a MX interface). The 3U form-factor provides a compact test system foot print and provides users with the flexibility to employ both PXI and Compact PCI 3U modules.


The MV-GX7315 features a high capacity, 1600 watt system power configuration and is capable of supplying 60 watts of power to each PXI peripheral instrument - making it the ideal PXI chassis for high peformance and high channel count digital I/O applications and performance mixed-signal applications.

Forced-air cooling for the Marvin Test MV-GX7315 is provided by four 100 CFM fans located at the bottom of the card cage assembly with dedicated fans for the system power supplies. This cooling configuration, in conjunction with air plenum within the chassis, provides airflow for all module slots per the PXI specification.

The MV-GX7315 Smart Chassis supports the monitoring of slot temperatures and system power supply voltages as well providing the ability to program or map each PXI trigger line from one PCI segment to another. In addition, the user can program the temperature monitoring function for specific warning and shutdown limits as well as monitor and control the chassis' fan speed. All user specific setups can be stored in non-volatile memory as a user configuration and can be used as the default setup for normal chassis operation.


Slot # Usage
1 system controller (remote, using a PXI bus expander)
2 PXI Star Trigger Controller or any PXI or cPCI instrument
3 - 15 PXI Star Trigger Instrument and any PXI or cPCI instrument
16 - 20 PXI or cPCI instruments without the Star Trigger









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  • Marvin Test Solutions MV-GX7315: High Power PXI Slave Chassis
  • Manual
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