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USB Digital Oscilloscope | TravelScope, 8Bit

USB Digital Oscilloscope | TravelScope, 8Bit
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  • AE-TS2212F
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Acute AE-TS2212F USB Digital Oscilloscope Digital storage oscilloscope, 200 MHz, 2 channel, 1... more
Product information "USB Digital Oscilloscope | TravelScope, 8Bit"

Acute AE-TS2212F
USB Digital Oscilloscope
Digital storage oscilloscope, 200 MHz, 2 channel, 1 GS/s, USB, 128 k/Ch, 8 bit

Features of the TS2212F USB Oscilloscope

  • Digital storage oscilloscope for PC with USB 2.0 interface
  • 2 channels
  • Sampling rates: 1 GS/s (1 channel), 500 MS/s (2 channels)
  • Bandwidth 200 MHz  (1 channel), 100 MHz  (2 channels)
  • Function generator DC up to 1MHz (2 channels)
  • Combinable with 5 other scopes on 12 channels
  • Data logger (HD storage)
  • Sensitivity 2mV/DIV
  • 128 k memory/channel
  • Resolution: 8 bit
  • Trigger: External, Edge, Width, Video/TV

The USB Oscilloscope TS2212B/F/H

The TravelScope from ACUTE Technology is not just a PC oscilloscope, it is also a serial bus analyser, data logger, spectrum analyser, function generator, and can even be turned into a mixed-signal oscilloscope when used with a TravelLogic series logic analyser.

The PC oscilloscope series "TravelScope" from ACUTE Technology achieves real-time sampling of 1GS/s in 1-channel mode and 500MS/s in 2-channel mode. The vertical bandwidth is 200MHz (single channel) and 100MHz/channel (dual channel) with a vertical sensitivity of 2mV/div to 10V/div and a resolution of 8-bit to 16-bit (TS2212H), which is unusual in this class of device. In rolling mode, a maximum of 250kS/s can be achieved, depending on the PC. The TravelLogic oscilloscopes are designed for a voltage range of 100V (DC+AC peak) and have an offset range of ±1.5V to ±150V. The switchable 250MHz probes (x1/x10) are included in the delivery. Depending on the model, Rising, Falling, Alternate, Either, Single, Delay, Edge, Width, Video/TV, Advanced Trigger 2 and Bus Trigger (ARINC 429, CAN, I²C, LIN, MIL-STD-1553, ProfiBus, SPI (2-Wire), UART, USB1. 1, ...) are available which can be triggered automatically, manually or "single" with an additional RUN/STOP button on the DSO box. The massive buffer memory of 128 MSamples (TS2212E/F+B+H) in single channel mode and 2 x 64 MSamples in dual channel mode allows signal acquisition over a long time base. ACUTE's new ADP1025, ADP2025, ADP1100 and ADP2100 active differential probes are optimally matched to the TravelScope series at 25MHz and 100MHz.

Scope of delivery of the USB Oscilloscope TS2212F

  • Gerät
  • USB 2.0 cable
  • 2 probes (250 MHz)
  • Installation CD
  • CD manual
  • Etu
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