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Vector Network Analyser | 67 GHz

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  • SK-S3602
  • Saluki Technology
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Saluki Technology SK-S3602 Vector Network Analyser Vector network analyser up to 67 GHz, phase,... more
Product information "Vector Network Analyser | 67 GHz"

Saluki Technology SK-S3602
Vector Network Analyser
Vector network analyser up to 67 GHz, phase, group delay and S-parameter measurements, multiple display formats

Features of the vector network analyser S3602

  • Frequency range from 10 MHz to 67 GHz
  • Expansion modules can extend the frequency range up to 325 GHz
  • Flexible calibration modes, mechanical/electronic calibration kit available
  • Multi-window, multi-channel measurement, instant execution of complicated measurement plans
  • A wide range of measurement functions

The S3602 vector network analyser

Saluki S3602 Series VNA is a top-level VNA with excellent specifications. Its frequency range is from 10MHz to 67GHz. With Saluki frequency extension modules, it can reach up to 325GHz. The S3602 has a wide dynamic range, low trace noise, flexible interfaces and a user-friendly interface. The S3602 Series VNA can be universally used in areas such as transmit/receive module measurement, dielectric material property measurement, microwave pulse characteristic measurement and photoelectric property measurement; it is a necessary tool in scientific research and in the production process of systems such as radar, communications and navigation.

Technical Specifications








Data Sheet AB

Data Sheet C

Data Sheet D

Data Sheet E

Frequency Range

10MHz - 13.5GHz

10MHz - 26.5GHz

10MHz - 43.5GHz

10MHz - 50GHz

10MHz - 67GHz

Frequency Resolution


Dynamic Range (@10GHz)

135 dB

133 dB

125 dB

Power Scan Range(@10GHz)

41 dB

36 dB

36 dB

Output Power(@10GHz)

14 dBm

10 dBm

9 dBm

Amplitude Trace Noise (@10GHz)

0.001 dBrms

0.001 dBrms

0.001 dBrms

Effective Directivity

>53 dB

>42 dB

>42 dB

Effective Source Match

>36 dB

>33 dB

>33 dB

Effective Load Match

>51 dB

>51 dB

>51 dB

Reflection Tracking

±0.01 dB

±0.02 dB

±0.02 dB

Transmission Tracking

±0.015 dB

±0.02 dB

±0.02 dB

Number of Built-In Ports

2 ports (standard) / 4 ports (optional)

IF Bandwidth

1Hz - 5MHz



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