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  • VX-AXS8444
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Model VX Instruments: VX-AXS8444 Source Measure Unit - 1, 2 or 4 Channels Extremely low... more
Product information "VX-AXS8444"

Model VX Instruments: VX-AXS8444
Source Measure Unit - 1, 2 or 4 Channels

  • Extremely low noise with linear output stage 
  • Up to 4 independent channels with 200 WDC each or 2 independent channels with 400 WDC each or 1 channel with 800 WDC 
  • Programmable output current up to 100 A 
  • Programmable output voltage up to 400 VDC 
  • Very fast & programmable rise and fall times 
  • Integrated contact test 
  • Integrated voltage measurement unit 
  • Integrated current measurement unit 
  • Fully isolated design, floating inputs and outputs 
  • Especially designed for automatic test equipment and high troughput testing e. g. of LEDs, MOSFETs or diodes 
  • Short rise and fall times due to integrated sink capability 
  • Trigger inputs and outputs

The VX-Instruments VX-AXS8444 Source and Measurement Unit family is designed for high throughput semiconductor testing. It is perfect for the very fast and precise measurement of e. g. LEDs, MOSFETs or diodes. The linear output stage with a very short rise time allows current pulses up to 100 A. Three voltage ranges (100 V, 200 V, 400 V) and ten current ranges (20 μA … 100 A) allow accurate programming of the ouput. With two integrated measurement units for voltage measurement (VMU) and current measurement (CMU), all high current tests of power semiconductors can be done. The VX-AXS8444 devices are able to generate current- or voltage pulses with automated measurement after a programmed delay. A versatile trigger engine with different trigger in- and outputs allows synchronisation with additional equipment. Due to the modular concept of this unit, it is easily possible to customize the power stage and output specification. The hardware architecture of the AXS8444 family supports output currents up to 100 A and output voltages up to 400 V. The maximum static output power is limited to 800 W and the maximum pulse output power can be up to 10 kW. A mixture of output channels with different specifications is possible.

Scope of Delivery:

  • VX Instruments VX-AXS8444: Source Measure Unit
  • Manual
  • Certificate of Calibration

Available Options (not included):

  • PCG: Primary current generator
  • GPIB: GPIB interface
  • LAN: Ethernet interface
  • EPCIE: External PCIe interface
  • FE Front touch display
  • ECR Extented current ranges
  • CC Contact check
  • RMK 19" rack mounting kit

One of the interface options is mandatory.

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