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  • VX-PXD7213
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Model VX Instruments VX-PXD7213 Waveform Digitizer - 1 Channel - Floating Input Based... more
Product information "VX-PXD7213"

Model VX Instruments VX-PXD7213
Waveform Digitizer - 1 Channel - Floating Input

  • Based on VX Instruments FlexCP Platform
  • Input voltages up to 120Vpp
  • 100MS/s with up to 16Bit resolution
  • Up to 100MHz bandwidth
  • Multiple instrument and channel synchronisation possibilities
  • High common mode rejection
  • Designed for high throughput testing
  • Built-in DVM function for high precision 100MS/sec. with 16 Bit resolution measurement (option DVM)
  • Built-in timer/counter engine for high speed timer/counter (option T/C)

This family of High Resolution Digitizers is based on the "Flexible configurable PXI Platform" (FlexCPP). This Platform allows many variants of customer desired digitizers.

The VX Instruments VX-PXD721x High Resolution Digitizer-Family features up to two 100 MS/s simultaneously sampled input channels with 16-bit resolution, input voltages up to +/-60V and a bandwidth of 50MHz (100MHz with option DBW). Every digitizer channel has its own 2 MB memory wich allows up to 1 million samples until the memory has to be cleared. Depending on the amount of channels and the floating-option, the digitizers are built into a compact 3U PXI device for 1 or 2 slots. All floating devices have a high common mode rejection ratio (CMRR).

The maximum voltage for each signal input is +/-60V. This allows high voltage signals to be measured with-out signal conditioning. Acquired data can be pre-trigger, post-trigger, or anywhere in between, with a programmable sample counter that controls the number of data points. A great amount of trigger capabilities results in multiple instrument and channel synchronisation possibilities.

The digitizers of the VX Instruments VX-PXD721x family are designed for high throughput testing. Multiple measurements in combination with the memory segmenting feature results in additional test time improvement (optional). This design guarantees highest quality measurements and is ideal for a wide range of application areas including automotive, communications, scientific applications, military/aerospace, and consumer electronics.

The VX Instruments VX-PXD721x Waveform Digitizer Family is also available as PXIe-Device VX-PXDe721x.

Options (not included):

  • DVM: Digital Volt Meter
  • T/C: Timer/Counter
  • TCXO: Oscillator
  • DBW: Double Bandwidth
  • MEMSEG: Memory segmenting

Scope of Delivery:

  • VX Instruments VX-PXD7213: Waveform Digitizer
  • Manual
  • Certificate of Calibration
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