Welcome to LXinstruments: System Integration and Sales of Test & Measurement Components

We are a Test & Measurement company founded in 2006 situated in Sindelfingen and in 4 other european countries (NL, CH, UK, TUR) . LXinstruments develops and produces worldwide turn-key customized solutions. They are based on the industrial standards LXI and PXI and are equipped with high-quality standard components. This enables easy support worldwide which reflects our software tool too.

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We offer diverse solutions for all kinds of branches

The industry diversity of LXinstruments GmbH

  • Aerospace / Aviation
    Our solutions and systems cover a wide range from validation of satellite assemblies via functional test up to safety testers.

  • Medical Technology
    The medical technology has special needs concerning test depth, documentation and retraceability of test results.

  • Industrial Automation
    Whatever the matter is - communication via light guides being immune to interferences or measurement of analog and digital stimulus-signals - LXinstruments delivers fitting solutions.

  • Automotive
    The highly automated solutions of LXinstruments are produced in high quantities with respect to the special quality requirements of the Automotive Industry.

  • Railway & Traffic Engineering
    Most important for Railway & Traffic Engineering is a long lasting availability of the test systems. Therefore extremeley heavy DUTs need special solutions.

  • Measurement and Analytics
    We supply functional test systems for manufacturers of measurement technology, but also safety testers and turn-key safety test systems for tests according to EN/IEC/UL 61010, 3rd edition.

  • Lighting Technology LED
    LXinstruments systems are often used within lighting technology. Burn-in Systems for LED and module producer up to funcitonal test of lighting modules with optical evaluation units are covered by our OTP² plattform.

The different approaches of LXinstruments GmbH